Tuesday, July 22, 2014

catching up in colorado

A couple Saturdays ago, I braved the nine and half hour road trip through flat and plain(and a little boring) Kansas with my four little people. Solo. Just me, them and a lot of Disney movies. We made it easy peasy with just a little bit of crying and whining. Note to self: never stop at the McDonald's in Hays solo with kids during lunch hour. I am so thankful for the sweet old couple who gave up their table so that we could sit down and eat. They were true saints!

But none the less we arrived all excited to be back in Colorado. We had an extremely full week of fun with cousins and family and catching up with old friends. I just love being in Colorado.

 photo DSC_2398copy_zpsdbf8efa8.jpg I was so extremely excited to catch up with my best friend since the seventh grade. I finally got to meet her sweet baby girl too! We had an absolute blast catching up and laughing. This girl makes me laugh so hard... I needed her and all that laughter. 
 photo DSC_2403copy_zpsa4552f64.jpg She makes the most adorable babies too! 
  photo DSC_2395copycopybwcopy_zps8823ec52.jpg I was also excited to meet up with one of my good friends from high school and roommate in college and her cute family. 

It was fun getting the kids together to play and her parents sure knew how to spoil the kids! Her dad handed out frostys for the kids and they all thought it was the coolest treat! We stayed for pizza and played with trains and mickey mouse. The kids were sad to leave, but we made sure to get together again soon. 
 photo DSC_2407copy_zpsf06dc85b.jpg  photo DSC_2419copy_zps184a8dab.jpg  photo DSC_2426copy_zpsca884d80.jpg  photo DSC_2413copy_zps043d26be.jpg  photo DSC_2432copy_zpse0f0bb3a.jpg  photo DSC_2408copy_zps25bee50e.jpg  photo DSC_2443copy_zps0958def9.jpg  photo DSC_2523copy_zps2f9037c6.jpg  photo DSC_2475copy_zpsba95a7bb.jpg  photo DSC_2468copy_zps328a880d.jpg I wished were there just a little longer so that we could visit with more friends and spend longer time with the ones we did get to see. But definitely had our days full of swimming and hiking and playing with cousins.

Lots more to share soon!!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

fourth of july

This fourth of July was mellow and relaxing and pretty much perfect for our little family. We started off early with my 10K race in Lenexa and decided to watch the little parade there too!

 photo DSC_1623copy_zps981d2731.jpg This parade ended up being just perfect. They had so much going on and we found the perfect spot right in front of the fire truck holding up our beautiful flag. The weather was just perfect too and the kids enjoyed this new experience so much.
  photo 2_zps45178ec1.jpg  photo 1_zpsde2ea75f.jpg  photo DSC_1682copy_zps1c192c9b.jpg  photo DSC_1665copy_zps9b43b3a5.jpg  photo DSC_1686copy_zps263a541e.jpg  photo DSC_1695copy_zps9b2cf74f.jpg  photo 3_zpsc4548283.jpg  photo DSC_1713copy_zps866c1a52.jpg  photo DSC_1711copy_zps40a1414f.jpg After the parade we came home and just relaxed for a bit. We were all pretty tired from being up so early for the race. Since the weather was just perfect outside we decided to set up the pool and play in the sun for a bit. 
 photo 4_zpsef021e5f.jpg  photo DSC_1763copy_zps9f2cf1c0.jpg  photo DSC_1823copy_zpsf5f5726d.jpg  photo 5_zps7fa38549.jpg And of course the most important reason to celebrate on this wonderful day... Wayne's birthday!!
  photo DSC_1840copy_zpsce528f18.jpg We celebrated by going to lunch at his favorite Chinese restaurant, eating yummy cupcakes(that only the kids could eat) opening lots and lots of presents and of course singing too! I think he had a pretty wonderful birthday! :)
  photo DSC_1841copy_zpse4b65901.jpg  photo DSC_1864copy_zps00ffc3b9.jpg  photo DSC_1870copy_zpsac0325a8.jpg Once it started to get a little darker we headed out to Corporate Woods to watch the fireworks. This place was absolutely amazing, with food vendors galore and play places for the kids to play on. Sadly, I was still in a lot of pain from my mouth and on some pretty nice pain killers that all I really wanted to do was just sit and relax. Thankfully the kids were happy just playing with bubbles and glow sticks and munching on kettle corn. 
 photo DSC_1872copy_zps83668699.jpg As soon as we arrived, all the littles were out!
  photo DSC_1876copy_zps60757983.jpg  photo DSC_1880copy_zps50a4eab4.jpg  photo 6_zps55a5e6c5.jpg  photo DSC_1917copy_zpsfb5ecbbe.jpg  photo DSC_1878copy_zps52e55dbc.jpg  photo DSC_1938copy_zpsf4941cc1.jpg  photo 7_zpsa78c9b97.jpg  photo DSC_1969copy_zpsd0741af8.jpg  photo DSC_2019copy_zps9c3f9183.jpg  photo DSC_1989copy_zpsc32e18ac.jpg Fourth of July happens to be one of my favorite holidays. I have so many awesome memories of celebrating it with my cousins and family and just how incredibly fun it was. We may have not been able to celebrate with a lot of family but we had so much fun celebrating it here with just us. And seeing the happy faces and laughter coming from my four little ones, I know that they enjoyed this day too!! 

Hope you had a wonderful fourth!! 
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Monday, July 7, 2014

12 months of running | july | lenexa freedrom run 10K

So apparently my motto for this summer running is 'nothing is going to stop me!' Remember last month with my knee injury? Well, shortly before this race(meaning the Wednesday July 2nd) my mouth swelled up like a balloon. It seems the orthodontist work that I had done that Monday caused a severe reaction in my mouth and not only did it swell up it also caused a ton of lesions inside my mouth as well. By Wednesday and Thursday I couldn't eat, I could barely drink and I was in excruciating pain. I had signed up for the Lenexa Freedom Run 10k a couple weeks before and I was so looking forward to running another race on July fourth, but I honestly didn't think I could do it. I literally was surviving on protein shakes and water that I would slowly drink down. 

By Wednesday night I was desperate and thankfully tried this horribly nasty stuff that would not only numb all of the sores but also help heal them as well. Late that evening I was feeling a ton better and started filling up on soups and more protein shakes. Thursday I was starting to feel  a lot better and even though I still was so very swollen I could eat shakes and soup and yogurt.

When it came to race day I was excited to finally go out running. I love running and I think that I truly needed this race to help make me feel normal and strong again. I told Wayne that I didn't know if I would finish the 6.2 miles but I was definitely going to try my hardest. I absolutely loved this race and felt incredibly strong the whole entire time. I am truly proud of myself for staying on my goal.

 photo DSC_1598copy_zps7595d804.jpg  photo DSC_1616copy_zps25e2c900.jpg  photo 1_zps0bf2bae6.jpg I look so tired(probably from the lack of food) in this picture but truly I felt great the entire time. I pushed myself hard and finished in 47:59, my fastest 10k! I averaged a 7:44 minute/mile and still finished 7th in my age group. There were so many incredible runners at this race. I loved watching them all and it made me excited to start training hard again.

I am really excited about running and racing. I love the time I have with just me and the thoughts in my head and I love seeing how strong my body is getting. I may have to sacrifice a lot of early mornings so that I can go run before the kids get up, but I definitely think it is worth it!

Now to find a race for August!!

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